Work From Home | 5 Ways to Prevent Work From Home Burnout

September 6, 2022 

5 Ways to Prevent Work From Home Burnout

Tired exhausted female employee feeling energy depletion or exhaustion, overworked stressed female putting head down on table

Do you work from home? Are you feeling tired, stressed, lonely, frustrated with your job, and do you lack energy to complete your daily tasks? You might be experiencing work from home burnout. This can be detrimental to your daily productivity, your job satisfaction, and your mental health. Here are our top 5 tips to prevent work from home burnout.

1. Set boundaries

  • One of the best tips to prevent work from home burnout is to set boundaries. Start with tracking your working hours to be mindful of how many hours you work every week. Studies show that working long hours (anything over 40 hours per week) directly correlates with increased burnout.  
  • Along with tracking hours worked, set a consistent time every morning to log in to work, as well as a consistent time every night to log off work. For example, start work every workday at 9 am, and end work every workday at 5 pm. Once you log off, commit to logging off for the night. Don’t be tempted to hop back on at 10 pm! If you’re working long hours because you couldn’t complete tasks, read our blog on how to increase productivity.  

2. Make a dedicated working space 

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, use it as your home office. When you live, work, relax, sleep, cook, and eat all in the same room, it’s easy to start to feel burnt out. A dedicated working space can create that distinction in your home between work and life.  

3. Get out of the house 

  • If you are spending 24 hours a day every day within the walls of your home, burnout is likely to happen. Take a walk around your neighborhood during your lunch break. Go grab a coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Make your lunch and eat it in the park near your home. Find ways to get out of the house during your working hours to prevent work from home burnout.  

4. Human connection

  • Working from home can become lonely! Avoid burnout caused by loneliness by including a neighbor or friend on your walk during your lunch break. Schedule a fun meeting with your colleagues. Invite a friend over to work with you. Meet a friend in the park on your lunch break. Find ways during your workday to meet up with other remote workers who are also feeling loneliness.  

5. Instead of working from home, work from a coworking space 

  • Accomplish all these tips and avoid work from home burnout by working from a coworking space. A coworking space like Apt CoWork has set hours that we are open. Arrive when the doors open to start working and end your workday when the associates close for the night. However, once you get home enjoy your free time and don’t continue working. Coworking spaces also provide you with a dedicated working space, get you out of the house, and can connect you with other remote workers.  

Stay proactive and avoid remote work burnout before it begins. Give these 5 tips a try and see how much they help!