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February 9, 2023 

Three Benefits of Remote Working… and Three Drawbacks

Since late 2019, there has been an upward trend in the number of remote workers both in the United States and globally. While this can be partially attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many other reasons employees would like to work remotely. Continue reading for three benefits of remote working, as well as three drawbacks.  


There are many advantages to remote work including increased flexibility, reduced stress, and cost savings.  

  1. Increased Flexibility  
    • Working remote typically comes with an increase in schedule flexibility as well as flexibility in where you can work from. With less time spent on a commute and the ability to work from anywhere, more time can be spent with family members and loved ones, caring for children, perfecting hobbies, and being where you want to be. This type of work is perfect for people who like to bounce around and do multiple things with their days and maintain a stronger work-life balance.  
  2. Reduced Stress  
    • Speaking of work-life balance, remote working can be tremendously helpful in achieving a healthy balance between your job and personal life. By skipping the typical office commute and allowing more time to be spent on hobbies or with family, one of the main benefits of remote working is reduced stress levels. Rather than sitting in a mile-long line at a coffee shop in the morning while dreading the upcoming drive through gridlock traffic, you’re able to prepare for the day the way you want to.  
  3. Cost Savings  
    • Burning through fuel while sitting in traffic, grabbing coffee at a coffee shop, and going out to lunch on your designated break at work are all things that become costly over time. Remote working allows you to have coffee at home, save the gas, and even save money on clothing. While none of these might seem like much, one four-dollar cup of coffee multiplied by 260 workdays a year adds up to over a one-thousand dollars!  


While there are many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages of telecommuting.  

  1. Isolation  
    • Working remotely can impact your social life in a big way, as much of the social interaction adults have in their day-to-day life is with their coworkers. Working from home can get lonely, but there are solutions out there. Coworking spaces such as Apt CoWork allow you to work surrounded by other remote workers while also offering private areas where you can grind out a project when necessary.  
  2. Difficulty Separating Work and Personal Life  
    • While working remotely can promote better work-life balance with the right mindset, working from home can blur the line between work and personal life. When working from home, it can be difficult to stop working or stop thinking about work since you are constantly around your workspace. Working at a coworking space like Apt CoWork can help draw that line between work and personal life by allowing you to work in a comfortable and productive environment near your home without having to think about work when you are home.  
  1. Distractions  
    • Working from home comes with a ton of distractions from pets howling and walking on your keyboard to neighbors mowing their lawn at 10am on a Tuesday. All the noise and distractions can hinder productivity and cause you to procrastinate, hindering the remote work benefits of reduced stress. As with the other downsides, Apt CoWork has come up with a solution. The coworking spaces at Apt CoWork are designed to feel like home without any distractions. At Apt CoWork spaces you can enjoy comfortable seating, aesthetic décor, and even a kitchen with productive surroundings and minimal distractions.  

The benefits of remote working are huge, and the drawbacks can be remedied by solutions such as coworking spaces and behavioral adjustments. If you’re a remote worker who is feeling isolated, distracted, or having issues separating work from your personal life feel free to stop by any Apt CoWork location for a free self-guided tour and possible solution to your work-from-home woes!