Skills Workshop Recap: Business Processes and Tools for Startups

May 17, 2024 

Starting a business can be an uphill battle that many people are eager to face, but using the right tools and processes can make it a little less steep. That’s why Matt Hunsaker of Coqui Cloud came in to provide a Skills Workshop on business processes and tools for startups. While the presentation was focused on Coqui Cloud and business tools, Matt’s story is one that can inspire others to give it a go and start their own business.

Matt spoke on the importance of using tools such as Coqui Cloud to your advantage and gave an overview of Cloud Based Software. He then went into an in-depth demonstration of Coqui Cloud and how all of your processes can be consolidated in one place.

About Matt Hunsaker and Coqui Cloud

When asked why Matt and Coqui Cloud do what they do, he replied that they bring to the world what they ultimately wish they had when they started their business. Matt has worked with hundreds of businesses and nearly all of them have had the same issues with tools not working with other tools or even working at all.

Matt started out working business to business and wanted the best for his clients, but noticed that they all faced similar obstacles. He tried working with developers but none were willing to spend the time building out the platform he had in mind. One day, a business he had worked with years prior gave him a call and showed him one of their new projects and it ended up being exactly what he was trying to create! He joined the project as an operations and strategy specialist and worked towards making his idea of giving businesses the actual tools and resources to start, scale, and grow with ease a reality.

Comprehensive tools like Coqui Cloud typically cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, raising the barrier to entry for new business owners significantly. Coqui Cloud sought to lower that barrier, simplify the processes, save start-ups time, and allow future growth.