Apt CoWork’s September Member of the Month | Irene Pernice, Fathom Realty 

September 20, 2023 

Irene Pernice Professional Headshot

Meet our Latest Apt CoWork Member of the month… Irene Pernice!

Introducing our newest Apt CoWork Member of the Month: Irene Pernice! Irene is a realtor and recruiter for Fathom Realty, a real estate company servicing 37 states. As of this month, she’s been working out of Apt CoWork at Cottonwood West Palm for a full year and says it has benefited both her and her business.

Who is Irene Pernice?

Irene is a full-time realtor and national recruiter originally from Long Island, New York but now living in Florida. She moved from Long Island to West Palm Beach, Florida, to get away from the crowds and cold weather.

A day in her life includes working with “buyers, sellers, and recruits” throughout the nation. She also runs recruitment ads across the country and screens potential new hires before assisting them in the onboarding process. One of her most important skills is the ability to “juggle her time and switch between tasks” and she states that time management is essential to success in her job.

Why did Irene Get into Realty

Preceding her role as a seasoned realtor, Irene delved into the world of investments in the bustling heart of New York. A collaboration with a real estate maven triggered a transformative journey. Her tenure in special education, spanning fifteen enriching years, added depth to her narrative. The allure of Florida reignited her passion for real estate, prompting her to pivot from an educator to a realtor’s role. In her words, “Florida was a turning point, motivating me to transition from investing and educating to embracing the role of a realtor.”

Her favorite part of her job is “meeting new people every day and helping new agents fulfill their dreams of becoming successful real estate agents.” She attributes her love for teaching and helping others to her time working with autistic children and says recruitment and training was the perfect next step for her career.

Why Does Irene use Apt CoWork?

Apt CoWork transcends being a mere workplace; it’s a hub for cultivating connections. Introduced through a mentor who charted a different trajectory, Irene found herself immersed in a network that fosters interactions. The convergence of business and relationships within Apt CoWork’s walls nurtures existing bonds and cultivates new collaborations. Irene’s perspective encapsulates this sentiment: “Beyond being a workspace, Apt CoWork serves as a conduit where connections flourish and pave the way for future ventures.”

Tips from Irene

If she had to give one piece of advice to someone new to remote work, Irene would tell them to find an Apt CoWork or something similar where they can observe and speak with other remote workers. By doing this, they can gain helpful advice, learn better remote work habits, and better themselves in the process.

Congratulations to Irene, our September Apt CoWork Member of the Month! If you’re looking to buy or sell your house, give Irene a call at 772-577-9339 or set up an appointment with her on her Calendly. If you’d like to be in the running for our next Member of the Month or join the Apt CoWork community, shoot us a text at 385-213-2070 or chat in at aptcowork.com!