Press Release: New Modern Coworking Space Opens in Addison

March 8, 2024 

January 3rd, 2024 CultureMap Dallas

A new kind of coworking space is making strides in Dallas: Called Apt CoWork, it’s a chain based in Salt Lake City that opens locations in apartment buildings. They’ve just opened a space in the Savoye Apartments in Addison, at 3870 Ponte Ave. – joining three other DFW-area Apt CoWork spaces already open in LewisvilleFrisco, and Plano.

Apt CoWork launched in 2021 and has locations in Utah, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

They transform retail spaces, non-monetized coworking spaces, and underutilized spaces in hotels, apartment communities, and HOAs into workspaces to offer a new model of coworking for remote and hybrid workers.

Spaces are available on a subscription basis and provide such amenities as privacy pods, lockers, conference rooms, hourly private offices, quiet phone booths, high speed internet, coffee & tea, sit/stand desks, ample work spaces, and parking.

Apt CoWork subscriptions at the Savoye are $120 a month, and are open to non-residents as well.

Forbes recently named Dallas as one of the best U.S. metros for remote working. And as Apt CoWork CEO Danielle Noel notes, employees who live in apartments may not have ample space for an office.

“Research shows that remote and hybrid working is here to stay but it has its drawbacks,” Noel says in a statement. “At-home working comes with challenges such as a lack of productivity, difficulties with team collaboration and frankly, for many, personal isolation.”

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