Networking in 2023 | Apt CoWork’s Guide to Modern Networking

June 9, 2023 

Apt CoWork’s Guide to Modern Networking

Networking in days past involved a lot of shaking hands, passing out business cards, and buying dinner for associates. While these practices are still relevant to an extent, the increase in use of social media, coworking spaces, and virtual meetings has drastically changed how we network in 2023. Continue reading Apt CoWork’s guide to modern networking!  

How Can I Network with Social Media?  

Social Media Networking has grown over the past decade and is now at an all-time high in 2023. While we’re going to focus on LinkedIn and Facebook due to their huge impacts on modern networking, we recommend maintaining a professional appearance on all of your socials as your peers and potential employers are sure to check them out.  

LinkedIn Networking 

As of November 2022, LinkedIn had already amassed more than 800 million members worldwide making it one of the most powerful social media platforms globally. LinkedIn allows users to fill their profiles with useful information about themselves and their businesses such as their elevator pitch, job experience, skills, and so much more. The platform also allows users to connect, chat, and post to each other in order to announce new products, events, or job openings! In addition to being a networking platform itself, it is common practice to use LinkedIn in the place of business cards when meeting someone in person.  

Facebook Networking 

While Facebook is known for its social aspect, it also has huge business networking potential. The best place to network within this social platform is Facebook Groups. Although Groups have been around since 2010, they’ve recently picked up popularity with the business crowd as a means of advertising both products and events. Whether you’re a remote worker, a salesperson, or an entrepreneur there is most likely a Facebook Group that can connect you with peers locally or nationwide. For those looking to network in Salt Lake City, check out the “Remote Workers of Salt Lake City” Group!  

What is a Digital Networking Event?  

Digital Networking Events share the same concept as traditional ones, but they’re over Zoom or any other virtual meeting platform! They typically start with introductions or a short speaker, then move on to getting to know your peers. This can happen in breakout rooms during larger virtual events or as a group during smaller ones.  

Where can I find Digital Networking Events?  

Digital networking events can be found on the same platforms you would find in person events. Our favorite sites for finding digital networking events near us are EventBrite and AllEvents. Like traditional networking events, there may be a ticket or admission fee to join but this is less likely than when attending in-person networking events.  

What is Proper Etiquette for Digital Networking Events?  

Etiquette for digital networking events is only slightly different than that of traditional networking events. There may be a dress code, rules on advertising and recruiting, and an event itinerary as usual. The key difference between traditional and virtual networking etiquette is controlling your noise levels and image through the computer. Here are our tips and best practices for virtual networking events and virtual meetings in general:  

  • Mute yourself while others are speaking so that static and background noise don’t interrupt them 
  • Feed and walk pets BEFORE the event so that they don’t interrupt you or other speakers  
  • Dress to impress from head to toe in case any networking activities involve standing up  
  • Smile and make eye contact with the camera, not the person on the screen’s eyes  

But In-Person Networking Still Looks the Same… Right?  

Not exactly. Modern Networking doesn’t only happen digitally, but traditional networking may not seem so… traditional anymore. The way that people work has changed drastically over the past few years and big offices are going out of style. One of the best places to find in-person networking events is by joining a coworking space or virtual group, such as Facebook Groups. In-person networking events may not even take place in an office, coworking space, or Zoom meeting, they may take place in a park, on a hike, or even on a ski slope.  

Although networking in 2023 may differ from traditional networking, they aren’t all that different. Meet new people with confidence and a big smile whether it be over Zoom, LinkedIn, or on a networking hike! Building connections digitally will begin to come naturally over time, and you’ll start to love modern networking just as much as traditional.