Coffee and Productivity | The Importance of Coffee in the Workplace

March 2, 2023 

The Importance of Coffee in the Workplace

Coffee has been a staple of those who get up and go to work in the morning for hundreds of years. 75% of Americans drink coffee every day, with almost 50% drinking more than three cups of joe a day! Read on for more information on why coffee is the beverage of choice for millions of workers nationwide.  

Increased Energy and Focus:  

Energy and focus are two things that a long day at work can take out of you, but coffee provides a solution for both. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system that can drastically increase focus and alertness. This effect on the central nervous system can also boost your energy and help to get you through the day. These advantages are the main reasons why offices and coworking spaces frequently have a coffee machine for your benefit.  

Reduced Stress and Mood Improvement:  

Coffee isn’t just helpful for getting your work done but can help you enjoy doing it as well! Studies have shown that caffeine consumption, and coffee in particular, can increase dopamine production and therefore put you in a better mood! In moderation, it also helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety that frequently come with a hard day at work. Coworking spaces like Apt CoWork at Sugarmont Apartments and Townhomes combine free coffee, calming workspaces, and ample natural light for the least stressful work environment around.  

Long-Term Health Benefits:  

On top of all the short-term benefits, regular coffee consumption offers some long-term health benefits as well! Moderate coffee consumption has been linked to longer lifespans, decreased pain in chronic illnesses, slight weight loss, and even lower risk of some types of cancer.  

Moderation is Key:  

Coffee, like all caffeinated beverages, should be used in moderation as high doses can come with some side effects. While coffee can keep you awake during the workday, drinking too much of it or having a cup too late in the day can lead to issues with sleep and increased anxiety. Caffeine is also an addictive substance, so the more reliant on coffee you are, the more likely you’ll go through slight withdrawal symptoms if you stop drinking it. Mixing caffeine with large amounts of alcohol can also be dangerous to your short and long-term health. By drinking coffee responsibly and in moderation, you can enjoy all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.  

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages, such as tea, offer a plethora of short and long-term benefits to both your health and productivity. In moderation, drinking coffee can increase focus, reduce fatigue, and decrease risks of chronic illness.  

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