Blog Recap: Goal Setting and Intention for Success

May 31, 2024 

Reaching a goal that isn’t clearly defined is nearly impossible. That’s why Dheandra Nicolette of The Manifest Daily joined us at Apt CoWork at Cottonwood Ridgeview to speak on the importance of setting goals in your life and being intentional in your journey to success. During the workshop, Dheandra emphasized the necessity of establishing clear, actionable goals and being intentional in your journey toward success — whatever success means for you. Through her expert advice, attendees learned how a structured approach can lead to a more focused path to actualizing their goals.

Goal Setting and Intention for Success

Throughout the session, Dheandra taught attendees how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, create a vision board for success, and devise strategies for overcoming obstacles that will inevitably arise. She then led a visualization exercise before diving into how to set soulful and lasting business intentions. To wrap up the session, Dheandra walked the attendees through several mindfulness practices that help to increase productivity.

If you missed the session, you’re in luck, Dheandra will be speaking again next month! Check out the Apt CoWork Event Calendar for more details.

About Dheandra and The Manifest Daily

Manifest Daily is a podcast that provides all the positive energy and support you need to return to your highest self and live your best life. On the show, Dheandra explores topics such as grounded manifestation, goal-setting, discipline, self-care, self-love, navigating personal relationships, finances, dating, and much more! 

The Manifest Daily Membership, an extension of the already existing content, launches on August 2nd, 2024. Members will gain access to a wealth of resources, ranging from guided meditation to soul-nourishing recipes to skill workshops. To receive email updates on the membership launch, sign up here.

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