AI Lecture Series: Image Generation

February 28, 2024 

The second segment in our Artificial Intelligence Lecture Series got off to a great start as Brad Hajart of Next Level Catapult dove into the intriguing topic of AI image generation. After exploring the features of Adobe Firefly, Brad laid out the seven critical steps to prompting image generation and coached the attendees as they tried for themselves.

The Seven Critical Steps

  1. Be Specific: Specify any details you would like included in your image including numbers of people or objects and the type of image you’d like (photo, cartoon, ect.)
  2. Be Descriptive: Use simple but direct language. Write it as a sentence using a subject, descriptors, and any keywords that can point the AI in the right direction.
  3. Use Emotion: Like any great artists, the best generated images include vibes and emotions. Be sure to describe what you’d like the feel of your image to be.
  4. Use at Least Three Words in your Prompts: This is only a requirement for Adobe Firefly, but should be standard practice for all generative AI prompts.
  5. Avoid Using Words like Generate or Create: These words can confused the AI and result in a skewed end image.
  6. Use Examples: Adobe Firefly allows image uploads, use this to your advantage!
  7. Be Patient: Like all new technology, AI generated images aren’t always perfect. You may not get the result you want on the first try, but your patience will pay off when you get your ideal image.

Uses for Generated Images

From social media marketing specialists to decorators, AI generated images can inspire anyone’s creativity. According to Zapier’s 10 AI image generation examples blogpost, the usefulness of AI generated images stretch beyond the world of marketing. Writers can visualize new characters, architects can translate their designs to realistic color images, and inventors can see detailed images of their newest product. Although it is great for all careers, Adobe Firefly is the perfect image generation platform for marketers due to the way they source their photos. Adobe trains the AI with photos that were legally obtained, saving marketers and creators using their generated images publicly legal headaches down the road. If you’re going to utilize AI generated images, make sure you properly credit the platform. Each platform may be different, we suggest checking the terms and conditions of that platform prior to use. Here is Adobe Firefly’s terms and conditions as an example.

Examples of Generated Images and Prompts

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