AI Lecture Series: Artificial Intelligence for Creativity

May 30, 2024 

In the 5th segment of our Artificial Intelligence Lecture Series, Bradley Hajart of Next Level Catapult covered a variety of AI platforms that can help businesses develop creative assets. Whether you need jingle lyrics for your commercial, a logo for your new start-up, or images for your website, there’s an AI platform for you!

AI Platforms for Creativity

Here’s a list of our favorite AI Platforms for every creative purpose! For more details and a list of alternatives for each purpose, see the lecture resources below.

Text Generation, Writing, and Editing

Jasper AI – Long Form Writing

Hemingway Editor – Editing

Sudo Write – Fiction Writing

Namelix – Name Generation

Image Generation and Enhancement

Adobe Firefly – Image Generation

Topaz Labs – Image Enhancement

Khroma – Image Enhancement

Autodraw – AI Sketching

Designs.AI – Layout Generation

Looka – Logo Generation

Sound Generation

Speechify – Text to Speech

Suno – Lyric and Music Generation

Wzrd – AI Audio Visualizer

Lecture Resources

Lecture Video

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