AI For Business

March 29, 2024 

The third segment of our Artificial Intelligence Lecture Series proved successful as Brad Hajart of Next Level Catapult dove into the different OpenAI Apps and their plethora of business applications. Attendees were given a worksheet to follow along while Brad showed examples and use cases for the apps and explained how they can be used by business sectors ranging from HR to marketing and content creation.

AI Business Use Cases

  1. Content Generation: Chat GPT3 can assist you in writing content for blogposts, social media captions, and so much more! The image generation application can even design a logo for your company based on your input.
  2. Content Editing and Proofing: GPT3 can not only write content for you, it can also proofread it. Try asking ChatGPT to correct spelling and grammar errors next time you’re writing a blogpost!
  3. Online Product Sales: The SellMeThisPen OpenAI application can help you write product descriptions, identify used products, and even suggest pricing for your goods.
  4. Automated Video Creation: While this feature is still in progress, AI can create videos for you based on your input. This can be used for ads, social posts, or just for fun! Before using anything created by AI publicly, make sure you check the platforms legal guidelines and suggestions.
  5. Human Resources: From resume screening to training and development, OpenAI can help you streamline your HR processes.
  6. Legal Uses: Use OpenAI to draft contracts, NDA’s, or answer simple legal questions. Just remember to consult a practicing lawyer before using any legal documents drafted by AI!

Use Cases Disclaimer: Never use something generated by Artificial Intelligence without looking it over first. Whether it be legal documents or AI Generated Images, AI is not yet perfect and can make mistakes or be prone to biases.

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