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February 24, 2023 

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use a Virtual Office

Small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country battle with presenting a professional image, juggling thirty-five things at once, and maintaining some semblance of privacy between their work and personal lives. Whether running a small Etsy shop, taking off as a private realtor, or running a large tech start-up from your couch, virtual offices can make your life easier. Read along for five reasons your business should use a virtual office.  

  1. Professional Image 
    • While you may be working from home in your sweatpants, hanging out on the couch at a coworking space, or frantically finishing up a project in a coffee shop, you don’t want your customers to know that! Maintaining a professional image is vital to the success of any business, and having a virtual office can help you do just that. By providing a business address and professional mailing address, virtual offices such as SphereMail at Apt CoWork can drastically improve the professional image of your company for a small monthly fee.  
  2. Cost Savings  
    • Speaking of monthly fees, renting an office these days can cost a real pretty penny. In addition to the already high rent, traditional offices typically require utility fees, commuting costs, and a variety of other expenses. With virtual office services, you’re able to enjoy many of the benefits of an office for less than fifty dollars a month! Virtual office memberships can save you time as well, and time is money. Optional virtual phone packages and live answering services free up time spent on calls from vendors or people looking for the wrong business and help to connect real customers straight to your line. Using a virtual office service can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month that can then be reinvested back into your business.  
  3. Privacy 
    • Keeping your personal address private is vital not only for your work-life balance, but also for your safety. Handing out your personal address may result in customers contacting you at home, an increase in junk mail, and even complaint letters showing up in your mailbox. Virtual office services offer virtual mail options that scan your mail straight to your computer or phone for a small additional fee, that way all you must do when you receive a piece of junk mail is hit delete!  
  4. Flexibility  
    • One huge advantage of virtual office and virtual mail service is that you can work from literally anywhere. If you’re tired of the winter weather, you can work from the tropics and have your mail sent straight to your phone. If you’d rather stay local, you can work from any coworking space or coffee shop you’d like! Rather than staring at the same desk in the same small office every day, virtual offices allow you to change up the scenery and work wherever you’d like while never missing a piece of mail.  
  5. Access to Coworking 
    • Subscribing to a virtual office is good, but subscribing to a virtual office and coworking bundle is great! Coworking spaces and virtual office services are like peanut butter and jelly, they’re good on their own but they’re even better together. Virtual offices can provide you with a business address and virtual mail services, and coworking spaces can provide you with a productive environment to work. Apt CoWork at Park Avenue is a brand-new coworking space that offers virtual office services as well! Many coworking spaces, such as Apt CoWork, offer discounts on virtual mail services when signing up for a coworking membership!  

There are many reasons your business should use a virtual office. They can provide business owners and entrepreneurs with a professional image, cost savings, privacy, and flexibility. By bundling virtual office services with coworking, business owners can have a productive place to work, virtual mail services, and a business address at a low cost. To learn more about virtual offices visit Apt CoWork’s Virtual Mail Page, and for more information on coworking visit Apt CoWork at Park Avenue!